RSS Feeds – A beautiful, uniting thing

Okay, I know I posted last night something that may cause a mild tension headache as you read it.

But I have to mention something I just decided to jump into. First of all, please don’t adopt the “geekier than thou” attitude as you read this if you are already using RSS services. For the rest of you, you may have seen the little icon for RSS feeds on websites, blogs, etc. RSS is a feed service that allows you to subscribe to it and see articles more efficiently. Bloglines uses this format to recieve its updates. Until today, I had been trying Bloglines some. However, while at Dad’s Place, I ran into Dean, who said that the new IE7 has the ability to add a blog’s feed as a live bookmark eliminating the need for bloglines. “What a novel idea” so I thought to myself. Yet I’m trying to distance myself from the fanatical interpretations of Microsoft’s browser and move to a more html-correct browser called Firefox (do you feel the fire!). Then I remembered, every time I go to a blog or some site that has an RSS feed, I see the little RSS icon in my address bar. So I went to Jeff’s blog to try it out (didn’t want to screw up my own blog, you know!). I clicked the little icon, and it gave me a choice of 3 feeds to subscribe to (atom, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0) – VOILA! I now have a button on Firefox’s toolbar that I can click at anytime and call up the inspiration of the utterances of anyone’s blog posts. It even lists out all of the recent posts where I can click on the one I want to read and possibly even carefully offer comment. Glorious!


2 thoughts on “RSS Feeds – A beautiful, uniting thing

  1. dean says:

    wow! does this make me famous yet? btw, i’ve avoided jumping into the fray on this, but where you said “VOILA! I now have a button on Firefox’s toolbar that I can click at anytime and call up the inspiration of the utterances of anyone’s blog posts.” you werent referring to ECSTATIC utterances, were you?

  2. Dude, I need help with something on my blog. I can’t figure it out cuz I’m a ‘tard.

    How do you get your blog to just have summaries of your posts rather than having the whole thing there? I want to be able to configure my blog in such a way that you can see more of the recent writtings first few lines (teasers) instead of having to scroll down forever.

    Kinda like you have your page. When I clicked your name off my blog, it came up with a few posts on the front page, but summarized with the option to click a link to read the rest.


    mark jr.

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