A new experience…

Sushi… most people who have never had it, or are stuck on a “meat and taters” diet all cringe at the sound of its name. I have to admit, until recently, the thought of venturing into even taking a bite was nowhere near appetizing to me. Yet after hearing people talk about how good it is, my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I mentioned this a few days ago to my good friend, Jim Whaley, who is completely into the sushi craze, and he said he’d let me know next time some came his way.

Well, my phone rang today about 3 minutes after clocking out for lunch. It was my good friend and local caffeine pusher, Jim Whaley informing that Angela Wegley had just arrived with some fresh sushi rolls, and there was enough extra for me to get my feet wet in this new experience. So, steered my car (still available – just FYI) towards Dad’s Place.

I have to say, I didn’t expect sushi to taste like it did. I truly expected it to taste like, well, seaweed and fish. It was nowhere near what I expected. It was actually really flavorful and I’m thinking “I can do sushi!” Second bite, with Jim and Angela closely watching (like a couple of drug dealers getting me stoned for the first time), I tried it with the wasabi. HOLY FREAKIN COW! (That’s actually what I said, but it sounded more like “HOHWY FWEAGHEN HCOW.” I’ve had hot stuff in my mouth before, but this was like none other. I don’t remember feeling the heat on my tongue. It went straight to my sinuses. My next thought: “How deep into hell does one have to go to get this ingredient that makes your nose feel like it’s turning inside out and slapping you in the face?” Then, just as the tears and snot were about to gush, and I’m thinking “how do I make it stop,” the heat is gone. Next words out of my mouth: “Chad’s gotta try this!”

Enter the youth pastor from my church, the Right Reverand Chad L Murphy. I immediately dialed my cell phone. Chad answers. “Chad, you’ve gotta come over to Dad’s Place. I’ve got something here you have got to try!” He was there in 5 minutes. Watching this “beans, deer meat, and potatoes” youth pastor try sushi was funny enough. What was real funny was his polite restraint, knowing that the one who made the sushi rolls and wasabi was at the table with him. You could tell he really wasn’t much of a fan. His only comment” “it has a ‘clean’ taste to it.” Then comes the wasabi. The look on that guy’s face was PRICELESS! Even funnier: he wouldn’t just chew and swallow. He just slowly chewed, making each chew reveal more wasabi – it lasted forever for him!

So, what does Chad do? Let’s just say we had a very unique pre-service youth stunt tonight involving two teenagers, two spoons and WASABI!

Thank you Jim Whaley and Angela Wegley for breaking me into the sushi experience today. I’ll never be the same (allergies are gone at least!).


5 thoughts on “A new experience…

  1. Mark W. says:

    I think I spit on the computer screen I laughed so hard while I was reading this! You gotta love that wasabi!…and Ang is the best sushi maker this side of the Pacific.

    Great post!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Best description I’ve ever heard! And Mark…it’s was even funnier in person! But T.J., I’m proud of you for trying sushi…it REALLY is good…and Angela does an incredible job preparing it. I just wish I could have been at the youth service last night. Hopefully, when the new Japanese restaurant opens up, we’ll be able to get others hooked on sushi!
    Roll on wasabi!

  3. Angelina says:

    Thanks so much for the compliments. Sushi is a drug of sorts!Can’t you tell that we (Jim, Mark and I) are all addicted? It’s hard when what you crave can’t be found in your own city. I loved seeing you southern men come out of your comfort zones, to taste a bit of culture. Keep an open mind to life, because it can surprise you.

    Great job passing it on to the youth of our town. How awesome would it be that all our youth were open to the outside world. Incredible.


    It’s okay to not like sushi! The important thing is that you tried it. It is a custom in Japan that you never refuse what has been given you to eat…no matter what you’re previous experiences with it is. I am proud of you, and pleased as the chef that created it, that you were open to try it.

  4. Sam says:

    Home sushi in South Arkansas?? Okay, I need to get in on some of that I’m sure. It will be a while before I can get there but I for sure want to experience South Arkansas sushi.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Benihana Steakhouse in Little Rock, all you can eat sushi for $20. My friend and I tore up some sushi up there. They prepare it for you. And hey, T.J. same thing happened to me with the wasabi. Cleared my sinuses up pretty quick.

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