Wound up and can’t sleep…

After Wednesday night’s Vertical Reality services, it’s hard to describe how I feel. Needless to say, Jim will have another 3.85 for a mudslide in the morning from me.

I don’t believe in a half-hearted worship anymore. It’s all or nothing. We learn from Scripture that David danced before the Lord with all his might. He held nothing back. Unfortunately, many Christians give God a simple lip service. They’ll sing, but that’s all. Singing to the Lord is an important part of worship, don’t get me wrong; however it’s easy to hide behind a song. I will not offer to God something that costs me nothing! By the time the worship service is over, God wants to hear from your heart what He means to you.

Here’s a worship leading tip for any worship leaders reading this: When you’re leading worship, keep your mind and eyes off of those who are not worshipping. When I began to lead worship for those who desired to worship instead of struggling to get those who were not worshipping involved, it changed the atmosphere of our youth services. As a result, many of those who used to not participate are now participating. Offer no apologies for doing what you do. Heart felt praise and worship will make non-worshippers (saved and unsaved alike) uncomfortable. However as the service progresses, they too will see how they can connect with their creator. It will change the entire atmosphere of your worship service.

Give God your highest praise today!

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